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The MCU Crew

Jun 29, 2021

Spoilers for the entire MCU up to Loki Episode 3! WandaVision gets an altered ending (possibly Dr. Strange?!) A new Shang-Chi trailer, and our spoiler-filled discussion of the newest episode of Loki as well as the mid-season trailer. We have tons of predictions in this episode!

Jun 21, 2021

Black Widow is getting great early impressions on social media, Jessica Jones joins the MCU and of course our deep dive into Loki Episode 2 where things escalated quickly!

Jun 14, 2021

This week we go heavy on the speculation with our Loki episode 1 discussion! But first we get into some news & rumors from She-Hulk casting to possible storylines in the What If animated series.

Jun 7, 2021

This week, the week of our lord Loki: We oogle Buff Thor, the glowing early impressions of Marvel's Loki, the reason why Bronze dislikes American Chavez, She-Hulk production shots, The Avengers Campus, and much more!

Jun 1, 2021

This week Oscar Isaac has been officially cast as the Moon Knight! How will such a brutal character work in the current MCU? How will he interact with the other characters? Danai Gurira continues on as Okoye in the new Black Panther movie and a new Disney+ show! We also go into some deep recasting of key...