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The MCU Crew

Jul 19, 2021

We go all in on Loki Episode 6 as well as what the future holds for the MCU? How many Kangs are there? How will the multiverse affect future shows and movies? We have no idea, but we'll throw out theories anyway!

Jul 12, 2021

Spoilers everywhere this week as we talk about Loki Episode 5 & Black Widow in great detail. But before that we check out some tidbits of Marvel news and react to the new What If... Trailer that has us excited!

Jul 5, 2021

We check our hype levels for the upcoming Black Widow movie. Funko Pop spoils Spider-Man costumes & Doctor Strange has a mystery shovel. Then we get into the weirdness of Phase 4 Marvel which leads into our spoiler discussion of Loki Episode 4 as well as a deeper dive on Kang the Conqueror!