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The MCU Crew

Dec 20, 2021

We've all seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and hopefully you have too because we dive right in to our spoilercast for the newest Marvel movie! We also gloat about our Hawkeye predictions and discuss that ending! Also Hotel Bronze returns with a message for all Wanda Maximoff fans.

Dec 13, 2021

This week we go all in on our theories, hopes and fears of the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. Who will show up? Why are Peter and Dr. Strange feuding? Will there be Kang or Mephisto? Then we discuss the latest episode of Hawkeye and now we're very sure the mom is evil. Also Dragon Ball names are weird, enjoy!

Dec 6, 2021

We dive right into the dreams of one Jesse Cox that lead into a healthy discussion on the state of malls in America as well as Vinyl & Bollywood. In MCU news Kevin Feige is in the news strongly hinting at a Daredevil return with Charlie Cox as well as Venom. Then we get into our discussion of Hawkeye episode 3...

Nov 29, 2021

The first 2 episodes of Hawkeye released on Disney+ last week and we have a wide variety of opinions on them. We also chat about how Halo isn't for kids anymore, Wheel of Time and then a very long and heated conversation about Star Trek plus much more!

Nov 15, 2021

Marvel announced a ton of new content coming to Disney+ over the next couple of years and we're extremely excited for the return of 90s X-Men! We also comment on the recent decision to never recast T'Challa.