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The MCU Crew

Nov 29, 2021

The first 2 episodes of Hawkeye released on Disney+ last week and we have a wide variety of opinions on them. We also chat about how Halo isn't for kids anymore, Wheel of Time and then a very long and heated conversation about Star Trek plus much more!

Nov 15, 2021

Marvel announced a ton of new content coming to Disney+ over the next couple of years and we're extremely excited for the return of 90s X-Men! We also comment on the recent decision to never recast T'Challa.

Nov 8, 2021

Spoilers for Eternals from 23:35 - 2:08:00

We go all in our review & discussion of the very divisive Marvel movie: Eternals. Then we add it to the MCU Crew rankings! But first Spider-Man has a new poster that hints at some of the villains involved. Morbius has a new trailer and we're even more confused now & much...